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Actress/Singer/Song writter.

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Ben-Garti's career started at the age of 15 when she had her first role in Ze'ev Revah's movie "Tipat mazal" (AKA "A Bit of Luck")

year 1992 with Arye Moskuna and Zehava Ben.

In 1994 she had the lead role in Shmuel Hasfari's film "Sh'Chur" (AKA "Shchur") which won second place in the Berlin

International Film Festival and 6 Israeli Oscar awards from the Israeli Film Academy. with Gila Almagor and Ronit Elkabets.

Ben-Garti was nominated for the Israeli Oscar as "Best Supporting Actress" (Instead for "Best Actress" due to her young age

at the time) for her role in "Sh'Chur".

She was given a special award as the "Best newcomer of the year" from the Israeli Film Academy that year.

In 1995 she played in the film "Sahkanim" (AKA "Auditions") with Shmuel Segal, Aki Avni and Rami Hoyberger.

In 1997 Ben-Garti appeared in Doron Tsabari's film "Ha bahur shel Shuli" (AKA "Shuly's fiance") that won the Israeli Oscar

in the "Best short film" category, with Arye Elias and Uri Gavrieli. That same year she also participated in the award winning

Israeli T.V series "Florentene" (AKA "Florentine") with Sami Hori and Ayelet Zurer Directed by Eytan Fox (first season) and

Ori Sivan (second season). In 1999 Ben-Garti had the lead role in the film "Zur Hadasim" with Albert Iluz and Dafna Rechter,

she was nominated for the Israeli Oscar as "Best Actress" for her role in this film. The film received a Volgin award at the

Jerusalem Film Festival and the first place at the U.K fantasy Film Festival. In 2000 she played in Eyal Halfon's film

"You must make a movie out of this" as Monalisa Azulay` the film was based on true stories.

Later that year she had the lead role in Shmulik Kalderon's film "The Upper Level".

In 2002 she released four singles for broadcast on the radio: "Matrid" (Bothering), "Doa ba'avir" (Vanishing in the air), "Nesiha" (Princess) and "Beni Le beni" (Between me and myself).
In 2005 she stared in the sports lottery T.V commercial for "Winner".

In the recent years Orly has been living in the U.K and Tel Aviv, Israel working with verious producers all over Europe mainly

on her music as a singer/song writer to create her first international music album. In 2010 Ben Garti has founded her own

unique fashion label FetiWear and in 2015 she has launched her first cosmetic product under her new brand OBGmode.



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Vanishing In The Air



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